Here Are Some Beneficial Cure For Autism

Causes of autism and detection

Autism can be caused by genetic disorders or by agents which cause birth defects. It is found more in boys than girls. The symptoms begin from 6 months and could be noticed from 2 to 3 years. They show restriction to social interaction, communication and in their eating behavior.

Social behavioral changes could be understood by looking at the children; they will not keep eye contact, smile or respond to their own names. They will not be able to express themselves.

Daily communication will be a problem for them because of lack of fluency in speech, they are less likely to express, share experiences but tend to repeat others words.

Repetitive behavior like hand flapping, head rolling is common behaviors with autistic children. They will show compulsive behavior such as rules to stack up objects or arrange them in a line. They don’t like any change for example furniture should be kept in the same position. They tend to follow ritualistic patterns in their daily activities and restriction towards same program or game. Not all these behavior is found in all autistic children but these are their general behavior which we can understand from Wikipedia about autism.

Treatment for autism

Can autism be cured is the major question one would ask? We get to know from websites like that there are therapies or treatments for autism. It is understood that autism treatment differs based on the symptoms and the age.

Children with autism show unique characteristics and hence their treatment is also unique. Some children show other medical conditions such as disturbed sleep, gastrointestinal distress etc. The treatment includes behavioral treatments along with medicines.

Both the family of the autistic child and the medical team should work together to treat the child. If autism is detected in the early stages it could be cured by behavioral changes. Parents also require training so Huntington Beach massage therapist could come to your home to treat the children. Other programs could be conducted in specialized centers or in schools.

Children will benefit from these schools by learning to socialize and with specialized teachers in teaching these children.

Adolescent treatment should help them to become independent and get suitable employment.

Early intervention models differ in their details but mainly share the same features. The program should

  • Make sure the child gets structured therapeutic activities for at least 25 hours a week
  • Have teachers who are specially trained to teach these children
  • The learning objectives should be well defined and the children should be evaluated and the progress be recorded on a regular basis.
  • The children learn to understand with their peers with same type of difficulty
  • Improve the children’s daily living, motor skills, play skills, communication etc.
  • Parents are involved in the treatment
  • Have a multidisciplinary team who are physician, occupational therapist and speech language pathologist.

The positive note after giving this treatment is a small minority of people with autism have shown improvement and they no more belong to autism spectrum disorder. Some children show good IQ skills, language, other functionalities, get placements and changes in their personality like a normal child.


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