The Dangers Of House Flies

House flies can be a major irritation, especially in the summer. As soon as you start preparing any food or any waste is left exposed they appear as if from nowhere and start buzzing around the organic matter. Once they get into you home it can be a major mission to get rid of them. Not only is the incessant buzzing extremely irritating, the flies are also a health hazard and so it is crucial that they are kept out of the house as far as is possible.

The Carriage of Disease

The flies accumulate pathogens on their legs and mouths when the females lay eggs on decomposing matter like faeces, rubbish and animal corpses. Diseases are therefore lurking in their legs and in the numerous small hairs on their bodies. When they land on any new surface like foodstuffs the diseases can be transferred immediately to the material. In addition flies need to break down solid food before they can eat it and they do this by covering it with saliva which could also contain pathogens. If they land on foodstuffs they essential vomit on it to enable digestion!

There are many diseases which can be carried by flies and these include nasties like typhoid, cholera, dysentery and tuberculosis. They may also carry salmonella, anthrax and even the eggs of unpleasant parasitic worms. When you look at the facts, house flies are really more than just a nuisance, they are a serious hazard and it is advisable to take measures to keep them away. Or you will end up in a Huntington beach health center or hospital.

Eliminating Flies

Happily there is plenty you can do to reduce the number of flies which can enter your home. Firstly think about the area around the house. If possible keep waste bins away from doors and windows and as far from the building as possible. Don’t over fill the bins and keep the lids firmly shut. Flies lay their eggs on decomposing waste and so an open bin will soon turn into a breeding ground and will soon become infested with maggots.

If you have pets then try to clear any excrement from the garden as soon as possible and if you don’t want to transfer it to a bin then bury it in the garden. You should also keep litter trays as clean as possible and clear faeces quickly. Keep the garden free of too much debris like fallen leaves which will attract flies when they begin to decompose. Position compost heaps as far from your home as you can.

The House

Keep doors and windows closed especially in the summer and when preparing food. If you have a waste disposal unit keep it free of debris and don’t over water plants or leave areas of standing water (flies need to drink as well as eat). Don’t leave any food uncovered. If you are trying to defrost frozen goods then do so by placing them in a sealed container. Use waste bins with lids, preferably pedal bins with secure closures rather than swing bins, and don’t over fill the bin.

If you have taken the appropriate measures and flies still infiltrate the house then try to terminate them as soon as possible. Use fly traps, fly paper and fly sprays to kill then and remove the corpses immediately, preferably without allowing direct contact with your hands. Just a single fly landing on your food could lead to a very unpleasant episode indeed!

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