Why Home Is The Best Environment For Healthcare

Healthcare the Right Way: Home Care

Why Home Is The Best Environment For HealthcareOne of the most difficult life events for a family is when a member requires special healthcare that is typically facilitated by a nursing home or a hospital. Yet, as more and more families are faced with the decision making process, it is becoming more evident that home healthcare and wellness is optimal in comparison to a nursing home or a hospital. It simply is a fact that caring for a loved one in the comfort of a home environment has a number of benefits that are nonexistent elsewhere.

The Presence of Family

Busy schedules and daily life often makes it very difficult for family members to visit their loved ones in a hospital, Santa Ana wellness center  or a nursing home. This can have a diminishing effect upon the ability of a loved one to heal. Yet, when care is transferred to the setting of a patient’s home, the healing process quickens. According to researchers and medical practitioners Uchino and Garvey, a constant social support system in home care environments hastens the healing process, while also improving the emotional well-being and quality of life for the individual under home care.

Less Stress

While it may not seem to be the case, a hospital or nursing home can actually be extremely stressful for the patient, which ultimately diminishes their ability to feel comfortable, secure, and also heal accordingly. This is supported by many studies that have concluded that, “excessive noise, glare, and poor air quality can create stress as evidenced by increased heart rate and blood pressure and reduced oxygen levels in the blood.” In a home environment, the patient’s family is more prone to ensuring that such environmental factors do not occur. The home is an environment where the comfort of a loved one is a priority. This reduces a patient’s stress, helping them heal and enjoy positive emotional well-being.


The need for care by a doctor or other medical professionals in a hospital or a Huntington Beach health center often leaves a patient with the perception that their sense of control and independence is lost. This perception is amplified when patients that find themselves confined to a strictly medical setting. In order to allow patients to feel more independent and in control, the home care is the optimal setting. With home care, patients are still able to decide when to eat, where to move, and the condition of the room they stay in. This also aids the healing process, as it reduces disorientation and helps the patient retain their privacy and personal space.

Home Care

Rather than confine a loved one to a hospital or retirement home, it is far more beneficial to have them undergo home care. Home care facilitates a healing  and an ideal pain management environment and promotes well-being through the presence of family, fewer environmental stressors, and patient control. Other reasons that were not mentioned in detail above include, reduced cost, higher morale, involvement with treatment by both the patient and family, and medical personal can visit the patient’s home or even maintain a constant presence there, should the patient require it. With this, when deciding upon care and treatment for a loved one, it is in the best interest of all the parties involved to choose care the right way by deciding upon home care.

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