Important Questions To Ask When Choosing Medical Aid

Life is many things…Difficult. But a dream. A journey. Beautiful.

And life is unpredictable.

We try tame the disorder to give ourselves the illusion of security and control. So we plan and scheme. But life can render even our most carefully laid out plans to waste.

This chaos can be a wonderful thing, giving us serendipity, adventure and surprise happy endings. But when our plot twists require medical intervention, we most definitely want to err on the side of surety.

A medical aid scheme can give you and your family a sense of security. But it’s important that you have the right solution for your situation because it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

While the decision of what scheme to get can seem confusing and bewildering, if you know what questions to ask you’ll find just the right fit.

What budget do you have to work with?

This is a good place to start. While medical aid is important and you of course want the best cover for your family, it’s also important to be practical with regards to what you can afford. Besides, you might not even have need for the most expensive scheme.

If you can’t afford full cover, the good news is that you can look into a hospital plan, which is more affordable.

Do you know the difference between health insurance and medical aid?

Many people don’t realise it, but there’s actually a distinct difference between the two. Medical aid is run by not-for-profit organisations and is the most comprehensive option, being an insurance against treatment, irrespective of cost. They are based on an open enrolment basis, which means that no one is turned away and everyone pays the same rates.

Health insurance policies are provided by commercial institutions and don’t actually pay specifically for medical expenses when going to a wellness center . They provide surety against loss of income and related contingency expenses, paying out a lump sum that you can spend how you want. The premium you pay is dependent on an assessment of your health.

What’s the fine print?

Don’t only look at the price tag. What’s all involved in the cover? For instance, sometimes you may need to take gap cover as well.  Compare the different medical aid benefits. Look at what exactly is included and excluded in your cover. How are you covered in hospital? Will you need to make co-payments for certain procedures?

What’s the solvency ratio like?

It would be a horrible scenario if you had been diligently paying your premiums, but at the point when you would need your cover to pay out, you discover that your scheme has gone under. A strong solvency ratio will prevent this.

According to law, medical aid schemes should have at least 25% of members’ annual contributions in reserve.

Are your chronic conditions covered?

If you have a chronic condition make sure it is regarded as a chronic condition and will be covered. Importantly, also check that the medication you prefer is included in the cover. Otherwise you might have to find an alternative medication or pay extra when visiting a Huntington Beach health center out your pocket.

By asking these questions first, you can find the best scheme for you and your wellness. This leaves you with the peace of mind to look forward to life’s little surprises, rather than dreading what you can’t control.

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