The Many Benefits Of Lymphatic Massage After Liposuction

Lymphatic massage is a form of therapy that has been in existence and commonly used since 1932. That is the year two massage therapists made the discovery that there was a correlation between swollen lymph nodes that are located on the neck and the patients that suffered from them. They found that if they massaged the area that has the swollen lymph nodes in a gentle manner, the symptoms would have a tendency to go away after a period of time. This critical discovery caused the two therapists to do some further study on the matter. They were trying to find a correlation between the person’s lymphatic system and their overall health. This is around the time that lymphatic massage began to be commonly used by many massage therapist.


A key discovery

The therapists discovered that if they used different patterns and strokes along with a very light touch, the patient would experience improvement in lymph movement. Muscle movement is the only catalyst for the movement of fluid found in the lymphatic system. Therefore, it can become bogged down very easily. When this occurs, cells do not get the nutrients they need and toxins are not eliminated from the body as they should be. This makes a person experience a sluggish feeling.

Benefits of lymphatic massage after liposuction

Liposuction has been one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for many years. It allows a person to get the slim and toned appearance they want without spending endless hours in the gym. This is done by the removal of unwanted fat cells. This procedure usually causes a significant amount of swelling and trauma to the areas where it is performed. Here are some of the ways that lymphatic Huntington Beach chiropractor can benefit patients of this procedure:

– Improves the body’s overall health
– Enhances circulation
– Carries white blood cells and protein to the blood
– Eliminates toxins from the body
– Promotes the healing of incisions and/or injuries
– Improves lymph flow, which helps in the reduction of swelling

The areas that are given liposuction treatment often experience lumpiness or hardness. This is especially true in the abdominal region. These side effects are enhanced if the liposuction is combined with other procedures to contour the body. Needless to say, people who get liposuction are very concerned about their physical appearance. They do not want to spend a lot of money on a liposuction procedure, only to have unsightly lumps appear on their abdomen. This is where lymphatic massage comes in.

All surgical patients can benefit 

No matter what type of surgical procedure a person has, they can benefit from lymphatic massage. Circular strokes and circular patterns are used to guide the lymph nodes within close proximity to the location where the surgery was performed. This type of motion allows fluid that has started to build up at the location of the surgery to start moving. The primary purpose of this activity is to significantly reduce swelling in the area. Toxins are also moved away from the location of the surgery, along with the stagnant fluid. This allows the body a better chance to heal itself.

There are a large number of lymph nodes that are found in the human body. Three lymph nodes that typically need lymphatic massage the most after liposuction are the popliteal nodes (behind the knees), inguinal nodes (groin) and the axillary nodes (armpits).

The lymph is always guided to the node that is closest to the area where the surgery was performed. For example, if the patient was getting breast implants, the lymph would be guided towards the axillary nodes.


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