How Your Personality Influences Your Weight

It has long been believed that people with certain personality types are more likely to gain weight; however, little research has been done regarding just how true this belief is until now. Recently, studies have been conducted that have shed new insight into how one’s weight gain can be attributed to specific personality traits that influence behavior. Here is an overview of these findings along with some simple strategies that you can use to combat certain traits that may make it harder to establish healthy diet , exercise habits and Santa Ana wellness.

Impulsive Personalities Struggle More with Weight Gain
Those who exhibit more impulsive behaviors are also more likely to be unable to delay gratification. This can lead to behaviors such as accepting that offer for dessert that can eventually add up to weight gain over time. If you struggle with acting too quickly on your impulses, then eliminating temptation may be a strategy that will help. Limit the fatty and sweet snack foods in your pantry and skip occasions where you might be tempted to overindulge.

Reliable Types Focus Too Much on Food
Although one would think that reliability would be trait that could help with weight loss, it turns out that the opposite is often true. People with reliable personalities may create schedules or diet plans that cause them to hyperfocus on avoiding certain foods or worry about missing a workout. This in turn can create cravings or zap motivation for exercise. Combating this trait is simple; just create plans that do not revolve around food or exercise. For example, make it a habit to walk instead of driving to nearby stores or enjoy a healthy salad every day for lunch as a part of your normal routine.

Highly Emotional Types Eat More
Emotional eating is a problem with which many people struggle. However, those who experience extreme highs and lows may find that they eat more when they are on one side of the spectrum of emotions or the other. Those who eat when they are stressed, excited or sad can implement healthier patterns of behavior such as going for a run instead of eating.

Introverts Are Better Able to Manage Weight
They may not be the life of the party; however, introverts have something to teach others when it comes to weight management. Quiet types are more likely to carefully consider the consequences of their actions which can make it easier to stick to a healthy eating plan or workout routine. Extroverts can take a cue from introverts and plan ahead for parties where the temptation may lurk to eat unhealthy foods.

Self-Criticism Ruins Weight Loss Plans
A major challenge that may people must overcome is the tendency to self-criticize. Often, a person will be adhering to their diet plan and then make a simple mistake that causes it all to unravel. Those who lose the guilt and practice self-compassion are less likely to throw away their weight loss strategies. Therefore, it is best to simply acknowledge that you ate too much or skipped a workout, and then get back to your routine.

Understanding how your personality influences the choices you make regarding food and exercise can make it easier for you to be successful in your weight management program. By carefully analyzing how your personality characteristics play a role in the behaviors you choose when selecting food and exercising, you can implement strategies that will aid in your success so that you can live a healthier lifestyle, staying away from visiting the Huntington Beach health center more often.


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