Here’s what others are saying:

I came in looking for an alternative to conventional medical remedies that were not working or relieving my symptoms. In just a short time, I already feel better and have found a way to naturally keep me pain free and healthy – C. Hunt

I came into Harbor Health Center because I was in a car accident. My back and neck hurt really bad. After attending treatments with the doctors and message therapists I am starting to feel a huge difference. Harbor Health Center also educated me in proper spinal care. The staff is also extremely personable and helpful. – A. Logan

I am living proof that chiropractic works! I can move every morning and all day long without pain. I can exercise as much as I want without fear of being immobile for days afterward. Chiropractic has given me my life back!- P. Koval

A year ago, I came in to see Dr. Skitco for severe pain in the left side of my neck and shoulder. Through therapy of adjustments and exercises, the pain subsided. I continued to come in for adjustments twice a month (sometimes more if a problem would arise). These visits have changed my overall well being and I’m completely off all pain medication. – L. Muzic

After a car accident, I went to an MD, who gave me pain medicine and muscle relaxers without taking any x-rays. I was not comfortable with that and was referred to Dr. Skitco by a friend. After a thorough exam and x-rays, she determined my problem and a plan to get my spine back to normal and relieve the pain. After 3 or 4 visits, I could feel a substantial relief in the pain and had better movement.- N. Green